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Smok Pen – Features, Benefits, and Price

Smok Pen – Features, Benefits, and Price

The SOK Pen is really a new kind of personalised pen. It’s not really a pen at all, but is really a high-tech device that run on batteries. This is in contrast to traditional clipboards and envelopes which you have to use either manually or by punching in your details. Because this can be a pen it is far more convenient to use and people who are always on the go could make use of it.

smok pen

What does this SOK Pen look like? It appears like a pen especially created for e-mail. But rather of a pen it has two ion batteries in it vapinger.com and as well because the normal features a laser pointer. The laser pointer is used to make your writing a lot easier and a lot faster.

The pen has two coils within it. The first one includes a high voltage coil that produces electric currents once the user writes on it. The second one has a minimal voltage coil that’s charged to create the same currents as the high voltage one. So, once you write the second coil fires and it charges up to produce the same current as the one on the pen. Once you stop writing the next coil is discharged as well as your battery can be recharged by using a new Smok Pen.

Why is this pen so special then? It has a special system which allows it to charge extremely fast. Like all the pens the Smok Pen has a special system for quick and efficient charge and recharge times. To do this fast charge time handful of power is required from the user’s own battery bank. The charging time of the SOK Pen is about half of what must be done from the normal pen battery.

The construction of this pen is great. It is made from an extremely durable material and the cap is made so that no liquid or gaseous leakages occur when the pen is filled up with ink. Your body of the pen is also very strong and has an extremely solid bottom that doesn’t easily puncture. It is completely water resistant and may be used underwater aswell.

The advanced technology implemented into this pen is quite impressive. Just about the most innovative features is the e-liquids it uses. These e-liquids are comprised of vapors rather than chemical compounds. Vapors are actually like the liquids one would drink from the gas station while riding an automobile. The e-liquids pass through the coils and in to the sub-ohm tank below without causing any connection with air.

Since you can find no chemicals used therefore there is no chance of toxic build ups. That is very important because smoking can cause a variety of harmful build ups in the lungs and other body parts. By using the sub-ohm system, you get to experience the great things about a pen vapes and never have to be worried about chemical burn-ups. Another advantage of these pens is that they are rechargeable. It is possible to either charge your Smok Pen by using the cigarette lighter socket on the pen itself, or you can use the USB cord that comes with it.

Smok Juice – Rechargeable: The Smok Juice is a very affordable high quality electronic device. The battery can last for over two hours in fact it is even durable enough to be utilized for a full day with no need for recharging. The juice cartridge holds enough e-liquids so you might vaporize thirty-five times. By making use of a Smok Juice, you can enjoy all the benefits of a pen vapes and never have to deal with all the chemicals and paraphernalia associated with real cigarettes.

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